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We are pleased to introduce our enhanced survey features powered by Flash that are embedded into our proprietary survey platform. Flash programming opens a new landscape of creative, lifelike online research experiences, and makes surveys more engaging, interactive and interesting for respondents.

We can test for Flash at the beginning of the survey or before showing a Flash question. If a respondent does not have Flash, we could prompt them to download it, show them a non-Flash based version of the survey, or terminate them.

Some of the questions you are about to see require Flash. To test for Flash, please enter the numbers you see below:

You don't have Flash installed on your computer. If this were a real survey, we could show your respondent a prompt to download Flash similar to this:

This question requires Flash Viewer version 9.0.124 or higher. Click here to download and install the latest version.

Or we could route them to a non-Flash based version of the survey.

Qualifies for flash survey Does not qualify for flash survey

I don’t see numbers above

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