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Welcome to our Trivia Challenge! Prepare to test your 80s knowledge with these 10 questions.

We used our proprietary platform to create our Trivia Challenge as a demo to showcase our randomization capabilities. We included randomization at three points: questions seen, question order, and answer order.

There are 30 total questions, with only 10 shown to each player. The 30 questions consist of five categories: Music, Movies, Television, Sports, and General. Each category has two questions, and each player will randomly see two questions from each category. The order of the 10 questions shown is also randomized. So that we could easily look at the data, we set up each question so that the first answer option is the correct answer. Of course we can't make the challenge that easy, so we randomized the order of the answers shown to the respondent.

This demo also uses our RAD JEFF technology, so it is responsive for all devices.

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