Welcome to our demo survey displaying the functionality of RAD JEFF – Responsive for All Devices with Jibunu’s Enhanced Features and Functionality.

This is an example of what an instruction page would look like. This and all other pages within this study are responsive to the device, orientation and/or size of the browser that is being used to take the study. You will be able to see the survey adjust as any of these variables are changed.

Because this is a demo, there is explanation text on some of the pages followed by a line and then the typical question. The line is there so you can see how the question content would be seen without the long description.
We believe that using a responsive design is superior to a "mobile first" or "mobile optimized" architecture because it does not lose the benefits of a traditional sized browser and higher resolution mobile devices while still giving an optimal experience on smaller mobile devices.

We recommend that you try this survey on as many devices as you can and play around with the orientation of the device you are using and or size of the browser to observe how the survey responds.

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